Designer brooches

Handcrafted in fine china (porcelain) to mix and match. Click on any price to order.

Many of the techniques used on these jewellery pieces are the same ones used for china painting.

porcelain brooch w21


This series developed from a request to paint some distressed jewelry. It was quite a design challenge, so I am including a piece for those who also like the look. The central area, outlined with gold, features raised lines and black inlays; the broad surrounding frame has metallic gold partially rubbed back to reveal a darker gray layer.

w21 (USD) $70.00 size 3.7cm or 1.5″long.

porcelain brooch w26


Slightly domed black porcelain decorated with metallic paints and trailed with gold covered, fused glass.

w26 (USD) $70.00 size 3.9cm or 1.5″long.

porcelain brooch or pin w28


This slightly irregular shape is handmade, gently domed and outlined with gold. The black porcelain inlay is decorated with areas of textured gold and metallic paints, outlined with fused glass. It has a lovely shine, much more than shown in the image.

w28 (USD) $70.00 size 3.9cm or 1.5″long.

porcelain brooch w24


The flattened area at one end of this brooch features textured gold and silver-grey metallic paint. These also feature on the central black porcelain inlay, along with clear glass beads.

w24 (USD) $70.00 size 4.5cm or 1.8″long.

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