Jewellery to Mix 'n Match

Jewelry handcrafted in fine studio porcelain so that no two are identical. Once a piece on this page is sold, I will not be making another exactly the same. Click on the price of any piece to put it in the shopping cart.

ceramic brooch b15


The background of this piece is covered with bronze lustre, in a crystalline pattern that lets hints of deep blue break through — the photo does not do it justice! The textured gold pieces are porcelain too: the pattern was impressed into the clay, then fired, covered with gold, and fired again.

b15 (USD) $55.00 size: 7cm or 2.8″

gold & bronze brooch b16


A brooch executed in gold and bronze like the piece above, but with a marbled background. The colours are a little more intense than shown — I was trying to show the marbling — but not quite as dark as the piece above.

b16 (USD) $55.00 size: 3.5cm or 1.8″

handmade brooch b17


This is one of my favourite brooches, made from 3 pieces of porcelain; the “triangular” piece is slightly domed. It was coated with dark luster, then with gold, and treated to give a crystalline pattern that allows a little of the darker surface to show through. The backing piece has a slightly softer glaze, and is not as shiny.

b17 (USD) $55.00 size: 4.7cm or 1.8

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